"Lamar, I want a new camera! This [camera whose make and model we choose not to disclose] is not performing up to standard! We don’t spend our hard earned money on these electronics for them to screw up- and you know how I feel about my pictures!! Can we get a new camera, PLEASE?!"

Who would’ve thought that a wife whining and complaining about her digital camera could turn into an exciting business venture? A self taught, self motivated photographer/videographer and his imaginative, detail oriented wife, we combined creative forces to build a brand that promises to deliver. Breathtaking images, memorable footage, and a luxury photo booth rental experience are what we guarantee. Let Q-Touch be the one-stop-shop for your photography, videography, photo booth and throne chair rental needs.

Lamar and Tyisha Quattlebaum
Q-Touch Photography, Videography, Photo Booth Rental and Throne Chair Rental

Q-Touch Photography, LLC

1516 N. 5th Street, Studio 305, Philadelphia, PA 19122

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*Available for service worldwide. Based in Philadelphia, PA USA